About the Prahran renewal plan

The renewal plan (or ‘masterplan’) for the Horace Petty, Bangs, King and Essex Street housing estates will guide long-term renewal of housing, outdoor areas and community facilities at the four sites. 

The estates were built nearly 50 years ago and need a comprehensive plan to improve their liveability and to better connect them with surrounding precincts.

The renewal plan (or ‘masterplan’) for the Horace Petty, Bangs, King and Essex Street housing estates will guide long-term renewal of housing, outdoor areas and community facilities at the four sites.

The estates were built nearly 50 years ago and need a....Read more

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  • Children’s playground gets new lease of life

    Housing Minister, Wendy Lovell and Stonnington Mayor, Cr Matthew Koce jointly opened the redeveloped children’s playground at the Horace Petty estate.

    The $300,000 redevelopment was funded by the Victorian Government and the City of Stonnington with the playground now having:

    • a brand new kitchen with a multi-function indoor space
    • a repaved basketball half-court and
    • new paths.

    New facilities

    Run by Stonnington Youth Services, the new facilities provide opportunities for local children to gain cooking skills and to access better designed play areas.

    Not everything has changed. The community was clear that they wanted to retain the much-loved tree house, which still has pride of place in the centre of the playground.

    Community input

    Ms Lovell said that the need for improved recreation areas was identified by residents during the community consultation for the estate, conducted in 2011.

    It was one of the key strategies that the Community Liaison Committee (CLC), chaired by local member, Clem Newton-Brown, has been working on.

    She praised the CLC for the work it was doing and wished the local children many hours of enjoyment in the newly redeveloped playground.

    by Prahran Renewal Project Team 21 Nov 2013, 12:25 PM
  • New park officially named


    It’s official. The new park at Horace Petty estate has a name: Gumtree Grove.

    Housing Minister, Wendy Lovell announced the name as the winning entry in the Name Your Park competition recently.

    Winner named

    Local resident, Stephen Anderssen was named as winner and presented with a season’s pass to the Prahran Aquatic Centre by Ms Lovell. She also named two other local residents, Rose Marie Szulc and Adya Subarski as runners-up.

    Mr Anderssen chose the name because he saw the park as being green and modern with the trees attracting birdlife.

    Sign of wider renewal

    Ms Lovell said the new park, designed by GbLA landscape architects, opened the area up to the wider community and was part of the wider renewal happening on the estate.

    She drew attention to the variety of play areas for children and the seats where local people could sit and enjoy the space or even picnic.

    Ms Lovell thanked the City of Stonnington for donating the prize and acknowledged the council as an important partner in the renewal of the estate.

    by Prahran Renewal Project Team 21 Nov 2013, 09:52 AM
  • Renewal team

    In 2011, a renewal team was introduced at the Horace Petty Estate to help overcome entrenched disadvantage and to support social renewal at the site. This approach to social renewal is long-term and includes efforts to improve:

    • community input in decisions affecting the estate community
    • the amenity and liveability of the site
    • safety and security
    • health and wellbeing
    • social integration with the wider community
    • employment and training.

    The renewal team is based at the estate, at 259 Malvern Road and can be contacted on 9826 5316.

    by Prahran Renewal Project Team 05 Sep 2013, 05:25 PM
  • Community and expert input

    The renewal plan is being carefully developed with extensive community and expert input.

    Independent community engagement professionals Capire Consulting conducted community consultation during the first phase of developing the renewal plan. In late 2011, Capire captured the community’s priorities, hopes and visions for the future of the estate, and recorded this input in the Stakeholder Engagement Feedback Report (also available as a Summary Feedback Report).

    Also available is the report from independent social research consultants Roberts Evaluation, which assessed the current conditions and facilities at the Horace Petty Estate, as well as facilities in the wider neighbourhood. Called the Social Impact Assessment Baseline Report, it includes reviews of research about similar renewal projects in Australia and overseas. This information is helping to inform the design process underway during 2013 and will also be used to assess the potential social impacts of the design options once these have been developed.

    These reports are available in hard copy from the Prahran renewal office, 259 Malvern Road, South Yarra or from the Downloads menu of this website.

    by Prahran Renewal Project Team 02 Aug 2013, 06:00 PM
  • New housing and park


    In early July 2013, Minister for Housing Wendy Lovell opened the first major additions to the Horace Petty Estate since it was completed in 1967. The new park on Malvern Road and 188 new public housing units were funded by the Australian Government and were conceived as the first step in long-term renewal of the Horace Petty Estate.

    The new park is designed to better connect the estate with the wider precinct and to provide a safe, attractive outdoor space for estate residents and the local community. The park provides winter sun and summer shade, and includes seating, a barbecue area and a children's playground. Already it is being well used, contributing to the vibrancy and activity on the estate.

    The 188 new public housing apartments all include some private open space - either a balcony or a courtyard. All units are energy efficient and accessible to people with a physical disability. Ten of the new units are fully disability compliant and all are visitable. Residents also have access to a roof garden, with panoramic views, seating and raised garden beds.

    The design of the development has begun to diversify the architecture of the estate and is more environmentally sustainable and better suited to the changing needs and demographics of public housing residents. (When the estate was completed in 1967, an average of 3.9 people were housed in the 624 units at the estate. By 2011, units suited to older people and those with a disability were in high demand and the average number of people housed in each unit had fallen by almost a half.)

    by Prahran Renewal Project Team 02 Aug 2013, 05:57 PM
  • Keeping estate residents informed


    In late 2011, more than 3000 people were invited to give feedback about challenges and opportunities for renewal at the Horace Petty Estate. Of the 206 people who contributed their thoughts, 53 per cent were estate residents.

    The Department regularly updates the Community Liaison Committee (the representative group for the renewal project), and updates residents directly through the Prahran renewal community newsletter, regular factsheets, monthly tenant information sessions, the renewal website and directly through the renewal team based at the Horace Petty Estate. Read the most recent community newsletter and factsheet about the renewal plan.

    The Prahran housing team based at 255 High Street Windsor is keeping tenants at the smaller estates informed.

    All residents will be invited to comment on the draft Prahran renewal plan in early 2014 and once again in 2015 as the plan takes shape. Translated documents are available on the downloads section of this website.


    by Prahran Renewal Project Team 02 Aug 2013, 05:53 PM
  • Renewal plan broadened


    In August 2013, the renewal plan for the Horace Petty Estate was broadened to include three neighbouring public housing estates at Bangs, King and Essex Streets, Prahran.

    Including the smaller estates, all of which were built nearly 50 years ago, will enable future renewal to be considered on a precinct-wide basis.

    The move was announced by Housing Minister Wendy Lovell and is supported by the Victorian Government, the Government Architect, the City of Stonnington and by a number of estate residents.

    Estate residents are being kept informed while the renewal plan is under development through factsheets and informaton sessions. Residents and the wider community will be invited to comment on the plans in early 2014. There are no plans to permanently move residents from the precinct.


    by Prahran Renewal Project Team 02 Aug 2013, 05:43 PM
  • Design work underway

    During 2013 a design team is working on renewal plan options. The Department of Human Services and a consultant team will then assess these options to investigate the extent to which they meet the renewal priorities. In early 2014, the community will be invited to view and comment on renewal options.

    After the community has provided feedback, the design team will review this input and finalise the proposed renewal plan before submitting it for planning approval. The community will have a further opportunity to provide feedback on the plan before it is assessed by an expert panel.

    The renewal priorities are based on professional and community input received from late 2011 to late 2012. Over this period the Department conducted background studies and initial community consultation on the opportunities for renewal and challenges with the existing site.

    As the design team develops the renewal plan, the Department of Human Services will investigate the best way to implement and potentially fund implementation of the plan. It is likely that any future works would need to be staged over a substantial period of time. A diagram of the renewal process is attached.

    by Prahran Renewal Project Team 02 Aug 2013, 05:27 PM
  • Working with Stonnington Council

    Stonnington Council is a key stakeholder in the renewal plan. The Department meets with council representatives on a regular basis and ensures that councillors are briefed and have the opportunity to provide feedback while the plans are under development.

    In late 2011, along with other stakeholders, Council provided feedback on issues and opportunities for the Horace Petty Estate. In 2012 and early 2013, Council contributed to the vision and priorities for the renewal plan and on the brief to the design team.

    Senior council officers also attend Victorian Design Review Panel sessions hosted by the Office of the Victorian Government Architect (OVGA).

    Mayor, Cr Matthew Koce has said, 'the development of the masterplan provides a great opportunity to deliver an outcome that will provide a long-term positive legacy for the whole community'. (In Stonnington, July 2013)

    by Prahran Renewal Project Team 19 Dec 2012, 02:02 PM
  • Design team

    A design team, which includes award-winning architects, Hassell was appointed in 2012. Hassell are an international design practice with 14 studios in Australia, China, South East Asia and the UK. Hassell has won more than 750 design awards and an international survey recently ranked them as Australasia's top architectural design practice.  See: www.hassellstudio.com

    The design team is being supported by landscapers, planners, engineers, social planners, sustainability and traffic engineers and other professionals.

    by Prahran Renewal Project Team 19 Dec 2012, 02:02 PM